What does it mean for me to be Pisces and the emotional roller coaster it is?

Whew…… this is a topic that people either are deeply into or they think you are nuts for believing or feeling that a Zodiac sign could control how you are as a person. The thing to keep in mind is that this is individualistic, just like all people are different in their own ways. With that said there are some very TRUE statements that come along with being a Pisces. Some apply to me and some don’t. Some I read and go “Holy SHIT….this is SO ME!” than other’s I may read and go “Ah yeah, not this girl.”.

First I would like to go over several of the characteristics of the Pisces sign, than I will go into how some of these apply to my daily life.

  • Can be antisocial as much as they are friendly
  • Look sweet and shy, but they have a wild side and ready for anything
  • Scary when they get angry and will snap with a fury
  • Loyal to those that have earned a spot in their heart and will go to the ends of the earth to help those they deem as theirs
  • If in a talkative mood, will switch very rapidly from subject to subject
  • Can be very seductive and captivating
  • Needs alone time for recharging, but does NOT want to feel alone
  • Over-thinkers
  • Daydreamers that can get lost in their own thoughts
  • Love is their language, and express this very vividly to those worthy of this
  • Fixers, they can almost not even control this and sometimes is a downfall because they get hurt in the process
  • Know what you need usually before you do, or you may never even know that you needed what they have to give. This takes a very heavy emotional toll on them but they will still keep going because they know (for whatever reason) that this is what is needed.
  • Can very easily be the only girl in the group of guys, too many girls can reek havoc on the Pisces senses and emotions
  • Able to encourage others to feel inspired and rise up
  • Able to walk into a room and read everyone like an open book, see’s body languages, tones of voice, and flickers of the eyes that others don’t
  • Tends to project their emotions on others to change the environment around them
  • When they fall in love, they fall hard….very hard
  • Extremely imaginative and can create a story out of nothing
  • Great at putting up a front that they don’t care, but inside are breaking
  • Can be a mirror that you are not ready to see

This can be a strange topic to cover and is obviously not one size fits all, but most Pisces will tell you that what I have listed is true. If not, something probably happened to change their perspectives. But the one thing I can promise you is the most prevalent feature of a Pisces is the ability to read emotions. I can personally walk up to someone and instantly know something is off or there is a need. It may take me a seconds to figure out exactly what is off, but I know and can physically feel the emotions like a tangled web just got thrown on me. Sticking to me emotionally until I am able to make it better or get away from it and pick up another one.

I want to reiterate this is not a topic I talk about freely with everyone, because than you get the incessant questions of “Oh! Are you magic?”, “How did you know that?”, “What am I thinking right now?”…. to that I say to everyone I am no way magical or psychic. I would say that I am more of an empath if you needed to label it with some term that made sense to you. I feel what you are feeling before you probably even know what it is. It isn’t something that I always enjoy and wish that I could honestly turn it fully off at times. I have managed on rare occasions to turn this off, but with this said it has a negative effect on me when I do.

One time I can very vividly remember that I wish I could have turned it off, was at a family members funeral. This family member meant so much to me and the entire community. I don’t think I have been to a funeral since that carried this much sorrow and emotion. I have always struggled with others emotions at a funeral, but this one…man…this one hurt on a cosmic level. I remember getting out of the car at this huge church and feeling a wave of emotions practically slap me in the face. One thing you should know about this, was that I was also pregnant with my first child, so all senses are already heightened.

Alright… so I get out of the car knowing this is going to be rough, already it feels like my body is vibrating with mine and others emotions. I make it into the church and sit down just watching everyone around me. I remember I was in the middle of this very long pew between my than husband and his Aunt. I remember feeling like my entire being just wanted to get out of there and run from the flood of emotions that seemed to me using me as a filtration system.

And than a someone started to sing, I don’t remember the song, I just remember the feelings and what happened next. I remember my vision narrow and it was like looking though a long cloudy tunnel, trying to breathe. This tunnel felt like the very link to everyone in this entire building emotions decided they needed to go somewhere. I was that somewhere….. I could hear people talking to me, but I couldn’t make out the words. I felt heavy like someone was pulling me, than I felt something cold on my neck. Apparently I had turned very pale and had a very blank stare on my face. My husband at the time was trying to get my attention, and the cold wet feeling was his Aunt putting a cold clothe on my neck.

*Side note: I am extremely sensitive to music and it causes it’s own level of emotions and side effects

At this point, I started to realize what was happening around me and the very concerned faces hovering around me. To this day they do not understand what happened and neither do I fully, but I do know that it all started with the emotions that I felt from everyone when that woman started to sing.

I have ran into similar situations but not to that scale since. I have learned a little more control and also try very hard to not allow myself into situations where I know there will be a crowd of highly emotional people that I am unable to get away from. The physical feeling that come with these emotions can be tingly, cold chills, a warmth floods over me, or some other strange sensation. It isn’t always the same.

Let’s jump points and move over to Love…scary as that word is. Ok so I am all about free love and have a lot to give. My love comes with conditions, by this I mean, if you are loved by me, you have been claimed. I know…..claimed…you can’t claim a person. You can emotionally claim someone, and it isn’t something I always plan to do. I actually intentionally try to not claim others, because I know what it does to and for me. I am also fully aware of my level of love is not what most is. If you are loved by me you basically own a part of my soul/being.

What does this mean for the loved/claimed person? This means that I will more than likely go to the ends of the earth to make sure they know they are loved, deserving, empowered, honored, and a part of my world. Even on the days they don’t think they need me I am there, and I know them emotionally and can feel what they need. Because they hold a delicate part of me, they can easily break me and pull me apart. I am emotionally tangled with them whether this is something they understand or not. I feel things at a level of probably 10x more than more….you might be asking how do you know this. I know from experience, all of what I say is based off my own experience and what I see in others. This can be a very big downfall of mine, and mostly I try to stay guarded but there are those that just break in. I know this isn’t something that is done intentionally by these people so I try to keep my emotions in check…..this DOES NOT always work and I break easily.

So I break easily emotionally but…… the other half of that is that I can easily manipulate my own emotions and direct my feelings in another direction. What does that mean you crazy lady???…. lol

That means, yes you hurt me very deeply, but I will quickly pick up and move on. I can too easily pick up the happy or fun emotions of another and if focused will move towards that. This allows me to move through the hurt by allowing in other emotions because I can only focus mentally on so many at a time.

This also makes me quick to forgive because honestly I do not have the emotional capacity to hold on to what you have inflicted on me.

Also to note this does not mean I am an emotional basket case all the time, because reading this kinda makes it sound that way. But what I need you to understand is not that you will see these emotions in me, instead I will quietly feel them and work through them. If you are in the deepest circle of those I have claimed you may sometimes see or feel what I feel, but generally I try to keep the overwhelming emotions to myself.

I hope that this gives you an idea into my daily life and how being a Pisces can effect someone.

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