Wanderlusted Mom

This is a blog with the very vivid ramblings of a Wanderlusted Mom who needed somewhere to put all these thoughts…

Welcome to Wanderlusted Random Thoughts of a Mom

Here we will talk about all the random wanderlust filled thoughts that I have. I am a very visual person and have a need to share my thoughts and even some very vivid dreams. We will laugh, cry, get angry, and maybe a little dirty (OK maybe a lot dirty) but we will do it together. I am by no means a writer so sorry if my grammar is way off, but my imagination is vast and I can take the mundane and describe it in a way you feel like you are there with me. I hope to educate, empower and inspire! To my close friends I am a WIDE OPEN and WILD book, so I will share some of these tails with you.

I am always looking to learn something new, whether it maybe to learn about another culture, project, or person. I have this constant feeling of wanderlust but not the funds to ensue them just quite yet. So instead I have decided to share my thoughts and wanderlust with the world. I am a Mom of two with a wonderful husband, and three very large furbabies. While I do love being a Mom there is so much more to me and what I want to do. I am NOT a stay at home kinda Mom (More power to those people that can do this, you get all the praise in the world from me!). I work in a very analytic tech driven job, but I have a very creative side that wants to just explore the world and experience all the colors it offers.

As kind of a disclaimer: I plan to talk about all things that may pop into my head. I cuss a lot, its just like breathing to me. I am bi-sexual so this topic will come up at times. I am also pretty techy and nerdy so there will be lots of talk about this as well. I plan to also be very descriptive and put all the thoughts out there, so enjoy!

Check out my most recent ramblings!

Feel free to reach out if you would like to share your stories or if bring us a subject you want to hear more about. Most likely if you are thinking it there is someone else that thought it too.

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