WTF is Wanderlusted???

So we already covered that I’m a Mom, well this Mom thinks about getting into her car and driving to a far off land to discover new things…well… all the time. My friend says I go onto cultural adventures, this happens when I start to wonder and ask questions about other places. With that being said, it’s not that I want to necessarily leave my family. It is just all about the wandering and finding new adventures. I could hear a sound, smell food, or see a picture and just instantly my mind wants to go there and experience it. I fully understand that it is pretty normal for someone to want adventure in their life or to experience new things.

It is kinda hard to explain because this is a feeling that seems to be in my soul versus my mind but I will try to paint a picture for you….

So lets say that I see a picture of someone walking through the market of a city that has all the colors you can imagine The colors are so vivid that it is almost emotion invoking but this picture takes me on a mental adventure through this exotic market.

There are flowers from all ends of the spectrum which causes the warm full hearted feeling of the sun opening their buds just for me to see, smell, and touch the soft petals. I buy a bundle and add one single flower to my hair so that everyone can see my love for them. I keep bringing the flowers to my face to allow my senses to fully take in the beauty they possess. I even share a flower with a couple I see lovingly walking holding hands.

I look to my right and there is an elder lady selling fine silks and when I run my fingers over the silk, I can feel the love that went into making it. Then imagine the feel of this silk against my skin and maybe wearing a silk dress on the beach with a warm breeze. I imagine just standing there alone with the sun on my face and just being in the moment and feeling the pull of the earth.

Then I notice the gentleman selling street food, but I have no idea what it is and nor do I care. So I stop to watch him make this right in-front of me. He doesn’t pay attention to me at all being mesmerized by his skills, he just keeps working until his masterpiece is finished. When he is done he offers it to me to taste and at the first warm bite I am taken on a journey of spices and sweet smells. I close my eyes to completely focus all my senses on just being in the moment with this new taste and smell.

Then I hear this music coming from behind me, there is a group of people playing various instruments but the sound touches me down deep. The beat of the drums, the pull of the voice singing in a language that I don’t understand and the uncontrollable need to go to this sound. The singer closes their eyes and completely immerses themselves in the story they are telling through their song. I can feel the tones of the music throughout my whole body, and at certain times feel a chill that goes over my body. I stand there and just absorb the tones and let it take my body on this sensual and mind opening experience.

But…then when I come back to reality and I am still standing there looking at the picture of this far away land, which then almost hurts because I want so badly to truly feel and experience these places that my imagination likes to take me. I understand that I abruptly stopped the vividly described picture that I was painting for you, but that was intentional. This is what I experience any time I see a far away land or just about anything that peaks my interest honestly. I am absolutely someone who has to take complete control of their impulses because if I just let myself go, there is no telling where I would end up on a daily basis. This happens with more than just pictures, I don’t have to see it to feel this way. My imagination is vastly detailed (which can be very bad is gory or sad situations) and this can happen at any point for me, it could be a joke, song, word, or just a sound. My imagination instantly creates a whole movie in my head to go with it.

Well hopefully this gives you some insights as to what wanderlust means for me and how it pulls me through my life.

Please comment below if you can relate, enjoyed the description or want to hear more stories about how my imagination can take on a life of its own….


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