Intro to the Randomness

So the idea of this came from a conversation with my friend, we talk about pretty much anything that comes into our heads. We constantly laugh at how we are able to freely move from one topic to another, seamlessly. Some of the topics that we discuss I feel should be shared with the public so here we go…

I ask that you bear with me as I build this blog and try to make some sense out of my random thoughts. I have so many thoughts and so many ideas, half of which never happen but seem pretty cool at the time

Why do this?

  • share my wanderlust with the world
  • maybe inspire others to be their true selves and share it with the world
  • funny excerpts from my dreams or life
  • maybe some purely fictional stories that I think of
  • rants about being a parent/wife/worker

Only time will tell to see what pure awesomeness I decide to share with the world…


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